CD Coming Soon

We’ve been working hard for a few months putting the final touches on all things Cootes Paradise CD. After recording our bed tracks at the legendary Grant Avenue Studios, we moved on to Psychotropic Studio, where (also legendary) Nick Blagona produced, mixed, and mastered the project. We were also very happy to be able to engage A Man Called Wrycraft (Michael Wrycraft) to design our beautiful album cover. We even managed to record a choir (members of the Grand River Voices) at QED Media to add to our song “Wake Up”. It’s been a fantastic ride, and all that’s left is to plug in our new photos (shot by Melanie Gillis), and send off for manufacture.

The CD will be available digitally within about a week, and hard copies will go on sale shortly after that. In the meantime, please enjoy our “Coming Soon” video: