Cootes Paradise Fragrance

Cootes Paradise fragrance vials
No-Waste Roll-On Bottle .35oz/10ml

Custom Blended Natural Fragrance

Handmade in Dundas from pure essential oils & jojoba oil
.35oz/10ml purple glass roller bottle ($40.00)

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Noëlle Smith, proprietor of Ellënoire, located in a gorgeous space inside the old post office in downtown Dundas, Ontario, Canada, and Lily Sazz, founder and leader of Dundas-based independent roots/blues band, “Cootes Paradise”, put their heads together, and decided that it would be novel and interesting to develop a natural fragrance.

Noëlle Smith, of Ellënoire
Noëlle Smith, fragrance designer

Sazz’s motivation was to come up with a “merch” idea for her band that steered away from t-shirts made in China, and other typical wares that bands tend to sell. She was looking for a way to support a local business and sell a unique and natural product, while highlighting Cootes Paradise, which is also the original name of Dundas, Ontario, and the namesake of a large conservation area surrounding the valley town.

As soon as Sazz mentioned the idea to Smith, she jumped on board, and they put their heads together to come up with a plan. The fragrance is gender-neutral, created on demand and in-house at Ellënoire, right in Dundas, and sourced from natural essential oils and fragrances as developed by the two women.

“The band was really excited about the idea of offering something unusual to sell at concerts, with our trademark Dragonfly logo and Cootes Paradise name on the pretty label. I was jazzed about supporting a female business woman who is local, LGBTQ friendly, ridiculously good at what she does, and into our music. Noëlle was already a supporter of our band and has been our local Dundas retail outlet for our self-titled CD. The whole idea just made sense (pun intended).”

Cootes Paradise package
Comes in a lovely package with a bow, made from recycled materials.

“Our goal was to choose fragrance notes that were gender neutral, universally appealing, light, & friendly. We wanted to create a scent to match the mood of a walk in Cootes Paradise. Natural fragrance in an oil base like this one wears very quietly, not creating the cloud of elevator-filling scent bombs most people are familiar with when they think of cologne or perfume”, says Smith.

“I’m thrilled that my husband, who is often bothered by and allergic to commercially available fragrances, has no problem at all with this natural formulation, so it’s safe for me to wear it when we’re together”, says Sazz. “Another cool thing is that the .35oz/10ml attractive purple glass roller bottle means that a little goes a long way. There’s no waste of mist going into the air.”