About “Downstream”:

“…inventive arrangements, touches that take each song past the usual blues workouts.”;
a worthy project to cap the famed engineer Nick Blagona’s career, which saw him as the in-house wiz at Le Studio for luminaries such as Cat Stevens, The Bee Gees and Deep Purple, and producer for The Tea Party, Kim Mitchell and April Wine, among hundreds of projects.” – Bob Mersereau, Veteran Canadian Broadcaster

“Downstream is terrific – one of the best musical journeys of the year – and you can quote me on that!” – Ken Wallis, The Hawk 101.5 FM,  Blues and Roots Radio.com The Best of the Blues, music and interviews

“Great CD! It’s even better than the first one, and I really liked the first one a LOT!”Paul Norton, CiTR 101.9 Code Blue

“…the band arrangements are stunning.” – John Valenteyn, MapleBlues Magazine, CIUT.FM

Great Album by an excellent Canadian Band.” – Terry Parsons, CHMR FM

“We’ve been listening to your new album over and over again. Every song is a masterpiece…” – Brent and Janna Malseed, Hamilton Musicians’ Guild

What fans are saying about “Downstream”:

I’m telling you, go buy the new Cootes Paradise CD, Downstream. This is a band of pros with serious writing chops and world class talent! Loved the first LP from them and it’s great but this? If you like R&B with jazzy rhythms and blues chops throughout, this is one of the best I’ve bought in years, what an incredible album. Production by Nick Blagona and Roman Marcone at Halo with bed tracks by Amy King over at Grant Avenue! (What a send off for Nick) elevated this to heights seldom heard anywhere! Man we have awesome talent in this town. Start to finish, no weak spots! Every freaking song is stellar, every single one!! This will be on rotation at the Irvine house for years to come!! Just go listen….WOW and wow! 4th time through this morning. Ya, you could say I kinda like! But every single song?? How dare they??? Lol” – Bill I, fan

“The sound is amazing on my stereo, even more layers to the music than what I can hear on-line. I love every song and yes I was sad when I realized the CD was at the end, so Repeat!” – Susan R, fan

“I’ve been singing ‘Knack for That’ pretty well non-stop for a week. Best earworm ever. I had it on full blast with my convertible top down this weekend. A young guy in another convertible pulled up beside me and asked who the band was. I raved about Cootes Paradise and he said he’d check it out. He told me he plays blues guitar and harmonica. We covered a lot waiting for the light to change.” – Louise D, fan

“Been listening to the cd over and over – it’s fab – I usually have a favourite track but they are all great – Sue’s soulful voice on Meant For Something More may tip the scale Musicianship awesome well done to all I love it”. – Lynn F, fan

About the 1st Self-Titled CD:

“Having grown up with Cootes in my backyard this is not what I expected at all. I guess I was thinking like, a folk group or something. Man, what a great band you have! Love the CD! Everyone plays their butts off. Sue Leonard… serious! I could listen to her all day. And my old high school buddy Mark, yeah, rockin! Now I really want to hear the band live. It is a great record. Congratulations!” – Darcy Hepner, Professor, Mohawk College, former music director for Blood Sweat and Tears

“A fantastic new soul/blues/R&B band whose eponymous debut album is a shoo in for a 2018 Juno Nomination!” – A Man Called Wrycraft, Award Winning Album Cover Designer, Presenter

“This is one of the best records I’ve ever worked on. I’m really proud of it.” – Nick Blagona, Producer, Deep Purple, The Police, The Bee Gees, Alexisonfire

“…lots of local indie talent with multiple skills and styles…The songwriting is upper-level throughout…” Bob Mersereau, Veteran Canadian Broadcaster

“…it’s a knockout of a CD.” – Ken Wallis host of Blues Blast on 101.5 The Hawk Fm and Blues and Roots Radio.

“On a scale of one to ten with ten being highest, this first CD from Cootes Paradise Band is a twenty-eight.  Brilliant vocals and brilliant musicianship.  Supreme!  The band members share and play very very well with others. Your ears and your soul will thank you for listening to this incredible work. If the title of this CD isn’t ‘Veni, Vedi, Vici,’ it certainly should be.” – DJ Toby Chicago, Bumps Radio England, Kingfisher Radio Group

“…Not a traditional blues album by any means but completely blues-worthy and thoroughly enjoyable. Master producer Nick Blagona was behind the glass helping make this is one fine debut disc.” – John Valenteyn, CIUT.FM Radio Host, MapleBlues Magazine Columnist (John’s Blues Picks)

“Been enjoying Cootes Paradise in the car and really enjoying it. Especially Wake Up – a real call to arms and SO welcome in the dearth of ‘protest’ music we’re seeing, despite the conditions being so ripe for it!!!  Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing it with me, an honour to be included in your orbit. Long may you SHINE!!” – Denise Donlon

“Pretty much everything about the self-titled debut album of Dundas band Cootes Paradise screams ‘world-class’. From the beautiful look of the CD art to the phenomenal production and, of course, the astonishing music – it’s all impressive.” – Hamilton Blues Lovers (a not-for-profit organization helping support the Hamilton, Halton, Niagara, Brant, Waterloo Roots Music Scene)

“As a former music reporter and lifelong music lover, music is deeply engrained in the fabric of my life. The debut Cootes Paradise CD is one of the best collections of musical styles I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. It’s filled with soul, funky blues, roots rhythms, and even some sexy gospel. It deserves every award it qualifies for – from Juno Awards to Grammy Awards. Congratulations to this incredible collaboration of musicians for sharing your art with us.” – Brenda WhitehallAward-winning filmmaker

“I’ve been listening to Cootes Paradise this week…anytime in car….and loving it. Amazing quality in recording, musicianship, variety. Don’t have a favourite song yet…love em all.” – Vicki F

“Just finished listening to your CD (again) this morning. WOW, what a powerful song is Wake Up. So much to love about the love and artistry on this CD!” – Susan R

About the Band:

“Cootes Paradise brought a high energy performance to our stage and kept the fun loving vibe going all night long, our guests and their long time fans all had a memorable evening and we look forward to having them back!” – Mary Stewart, Manager, Hugh’s Room Live, Toronto

“One of the year’s best new groups to explode onto the music scene!“ – Ken Wallis host of Blues Blast on 101.5 The Hawk Fm and Blues and Roots Radio.

A well performed tight set from a wonderful and talented well-seasoned band that was well received. What is clear is that your band is song driven and that’s a good thing to bring to the blues and is often lacking. A five string bass, flute, sax and violin all make the line up a little different. Good grooves and chord changes with strong vocals.” – Paul Sanderson, Sanderson Entertainment Law (referring to our Blues Summit Showcase)

“Really proud of this band. They’re just so awesome, so if you can catch them around, go ahead. You won’t be disappointed!” – Radio Host Keiko Gutierrez, Out of the Bassment, 93.3 CFMU

“Cootes Paradise puts their heart and soul into all their performances, no matter how many times I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying their music. Rock on!” – Helen C., Audience Member

“I love these people. They don’t play the music, they are the music.” – Ivan Sorensen, Photographer, Supercrawl

“Fab, Great, Super job guys, what a band; you blew away the audience.” – Les Kadar, Cambridge Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts

“What a great band! I look forward to working with you all again.” – Norm Thornton, Long and McQuade, Dundas Cactus Festival, Canada’s Largest Ribfest

“Thank you Cootes Paradise for putting on a fabulous show! You guys are amazing!” – Hamilton Blues Lovers

“Great music from so many talented musicians. Love this band!! – Vern White, Photographer

“The band was great. I love the stuff you do.” – Lynn F. (audience member)

“You guys did a great job… We thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Kelly L. (audience member)

“A pleasure and privilege working with this great group!” – Jeff Thomblinson, Canada’s Largest Ribfest

“Wow guys ~ we REALLY enjoyed your music last night at the Rib Fest!!! … Loved the original material especially!” – Kathee E. (audience member)

Your group was awesome. Great entertainment…Professional & First Class.” – Ross B, St. Mark’s Presents

“The whole feckin band knocked it out. You guys were HOT!” – Ivan Sorensen (professional photographer, Pedler benefit, Bay City Music Hall)

“Cootes Paradise was a treat-and-a-half!!!!!!” – Lisa K. (audience member, Bay City Music Hall)

“This is a band that has got to be heard! Nice people, too, with a heart for a friend.” – Norm Thornton, Sound Engineer, Pedler benefit, Bay City Music Hall

“Cootes Paradise is a band I can’t hear enough of.” – Ronald Weihs, Artword Artbar

“They’re bluesy, they’re funky, and thoroughly enjoyable.” – Mark McNeil, Hamilton Spectator

“Cootes paradise band is my new favorite group. Fantastic performance last night…” – Craig R. (audience member, Artword Artbar)

“If God had a voice she’d sound like Sue Leonard.” – Kevin Barber, Barbershop Podcast

“The band was H. O. T. !!!!! offering up a mix of the new CD (you have to get one of these….it’s good listening) along with the Cootes brand of cool hits. … HAMILTON LOVES THIS BAND!!!!!….let the choir (The Grand River Voices) say …AMEN!!!!”  – Michael Hickey, fellow musician and audience member at CD release party

One of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time! I feel that this is going to be a big year for you all. – Brennagh Burns, fellow musician