About the CD:

“This first CD from Cootes Paradise Band (CPB) was more than worth waiting for.  As a musician and an internationally-known Indies DJ, my passion is for Indie Music and CPB more than satisfies.  From the electrifying opening of the first track “Are You Ready” to the last note of the final track “Wake Up,” my ears drooled over what is to me, The Perfect Collaboration of some of Canada’s finest Indie Musicians.  These 12 tracks of vocals and music weave such exquisite and soul-grabbing experiences that this is truly one CD you will listen to over and over.  These musicians are at the top of their respective musical fields.  They want to heal you, energize you, and they have serious fun doing just that.  Their music is capable of great things.  They don’t run with scissors and they play well with others.  In three words: “Wowsa, They’re Good!”  Please, Cootes Paradise Band, keep on making music for the world; We Need You.”  – DJ Toby Chicago, Bumps Radio England, Kingfisher Radio Group

About the Band:

“Cootes Paradise puts their heart and soul into all their performances, no matter how many times I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying their music. Rock on!” – Helen C., Audience Member

“Fab, Great, Super job guys, what a band; you blew away the audience.” – Les Kadar, Cambridge Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts

“What a great band! I look forward to working with you all again.” – Norm Thornton, Long and McQuade, Dundas Cactus Festival, Canada’s Largest Ribfest

“Thank you Cootes Paradise for putting on a fabulous show! You guys are amazing!” – Hamilton Blues Lovers

“Great music from so many talented musicians. Love this band!! – Vern White, Photographer

“The band was great. I love the stuff you do.” – Lynn F. (audience member)

“You guys did a great job… We thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Kelly L. (audience member)

“A pleasure and privilege working with this great group!” – Jeff Thomblinson, Canada’s Largest Ribfest

“Wow guys ~ we REALLY enjoyed your music last night at the Rib Fest!!! … Loved the original material especially!” – Kathee E. (audience member)

Your group was awesome. Great entertainment…Professional & First Class.” – Ross B, St. Mark’s Presents

“The whole feckin band knocked it out. You guys were HOT!” – Ivan Sorensen (professional photographer, Pedler benefit, Bay City Music Hall)

“Cootes Paradise was a treat-and-a-half!!!!!!” – Lisa K. (audience member, Bay City Music Hall)

“This is a band that has got to be heard! Nice people, too, with a heart for a friend.” – Norm Thornton, Sound Engineer, Pedler benefit, Bay City Music Hall

“Cootes Paradise is a band I can’t hear enough of.” – Ronald Weihs, Artword Artbar

“They’re bluesy, they’re funky, and thoroughly enjoyable.” – Mark McNeil, Hamilton Spectator

“Cootes paradise band is my new favorite group. Fantastic performance last night…” – Craig R. (audience member, Artword Artbar)

“If God had a voice she’d sound like Sue Leonard.” – Kevin Barber, Barbershop Podcast