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Tune into the Toronto Blues Society's Facebook page for the premier of "The First Time", filmed at Hugh's Room Live, followed by an interview by Ken Wallis of Blues Source Canada.

Cootes Paradise Releases Live Performance Video from Hugh’s Room Live
TBS Facebook Page 5pm June 18

Cootes Paradise was on a roll in 2019/2020, coasting on a well-deserved Maple Blues Award nomination for New Artist/Band of the Year, while nearing completion of their sophomore release to follow up their self-titled CD from late 2017, and preparing for the launch of a live performance video from Hugh’s Room Live.

The band was hit with a couple of major setbacks. First, the death of their beloved producer in January 2020, the renowned and irreplaceable Nick Blagona, and then of course, the COVID-19 pandemic, which swept all plans away in a river of uncertainty, leaving them wondering what to do next.

While Nick was in hospital, just a day or two before he died, he expressed his care and concern for Cootes Paradise’s project, and enlisted his friend and fellow producer Mike Marcone from Hamilton Ontario’s Halo Studio, to take over the final mixes of the upcoming EP, giving him access to files, and providing detailed direction for completing the project.

One of the songs on the upcoming EP, called “The First Time”, penned by the band’s guitarist and one of the two main vocalists, Wayne Krawchuk, is featured on the live video, which was filmed during the band’s last Hugh’s Room Live performance in April 2019. They were scheduled to return in April 2020, but the venue announced its imminent relocation, and then, we all know what happened next.

This video offers a sneak preview of one of the songs on their upcoming  release, “Downstream”, which is planned for release later this summer, and gives Cootes Paradise the chance to show off their live performance chops to both existing fans, and potential new devotees who may discover what they’ve missed in the almost five years the band has been together.

Filmed by Hamilton’s Adam Carter of Melodic Pixel Media, with sound mixing contribution from Hugh’s Room Live’s Colin Puffer, Cootes Paradise’s live performance was beautifully captured, along with the great vibe that is (or was) arguably the best live performance venue of its kind in Toronto.

The video will go live June 18 at 5pm, along with a virtual interview of the band by Ken Wallace of Blues Source Canada.

Cootes Paradise are: Amy Di Nino – drums, Wayne Krawchuk – guitar/vocals, Sue Leonard – vocals, Lily Sazz – keys, Ian Taylor – bass, Mark Volkov – violin (flute, and sax)